Thursday, 20 September 2012

Jeffrey Lewis and Little Martha

you may have noticed that David is wearing a Jeffrey Lewis shirt on the insert and press photo for the album... well, it turns out he's been listening to Little Martha, and this is what he thinks:

"Little Martha is an astonishing album, one that I've listened to many times and will continue to listen to for a long time.  I doubt many living guitarists could accomplish the feat of being in a raw rocking indie-trio like the Wave Pictures while on the side whip out an acoustic instrumental album on a level with John Renbourn/John Fahey/Nick Drake/Bert Jansch/etc., but Tattersall has done it.  Like the recordings of these 1960s acoustic master-pickers, Little Martha is luminous, meticulous, sublime, enveloping, perfect listening for any time of day or night.  The only problem with it is that I can listen to dead guys' records and not feel jealous, but Tattersall is just a young dude walking amongst us...  will somebody please just step on his hands and bring him back down to our normal modern indie-rock level?"

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